Favorite Spring Shirt!

IMG_1223IMG_1228IMG_1234IMG_1237(IMG_1275IMG_1242 //Click here for my shirt// Click here for my jeans//Click here for my shoes// Click here for my necklace// Click here for my bracelet// Click here for my sunglasses//Click here to shop Stylish Tees//

Well February was crazy! Between school and my birthday and planing for spring break there was never a stop! But to start off, thank you so so so much Stylish Tees for this adorable shirt! This shirt is so, so soft and has the cutest saying on it (Blessed & Highly Favored)! Not only is it soft and has a cute saying it is the perfect color! Who doesn’t love blush pink? I do and it matches a ton of stuff!!! I paired it with these star jeans which are from J Crew. Also, I got these shoes from Nordstrom Rack for, you’re not gonna believe this, $13!!!! I know, crazy!! They are Steve Madden and are gray velvet! If your like me and love Kendra Scott there things go perfect with many things, like this shirt! I have the Rose Gold chain and Rose Gold stone in both the bracelet and necklace! I have already blogged about these sunglasses and thought I would through them in to tie this whole outfit together! (BTW, sorry for this long over due blog!) Love y’all!

*Thanks again Stylish Tees for sponsoring this blog!!!*

Spring Things!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 5.48.11 PM

If you guys follow my Instagram (click here for my Instagram), I asked y’all what you wanted for the next blog and y’all said… Spring Things! So I have but together a list of my favorite spring things! Enjoy!!! ( Click the picture to shop that product!)


Lily Pulitzer Outfit

Kendra Scott Necklace                                          
Kendra Scott Necklace

Pink Polaroid Sunglasses


B/W Romper


Rose Gold Jack Rogers


All Pink Vans


Blue Slip Ons


Seafolly Swimsuit

Valentine’s Day!

IMG_1090IMG_1083IMG_1092IMG_1079IMG_1094// Click here for my vest// Click here for my Shirt// Click here for my Leggings// Click here for my Shoes//

As we all know it’s that time of year! Valentines Day (in 1 days!) Therefore, I have brought y’all a great Valentines outfit! We all know that the color of Valentines day is red and pink which is why this outfit needs some red in it! I got this whole outfit from Dillards minus my shoes which are from Macys! This shirt is so soft and stretching and is definitely a go to shirt I have! I love puffer vest and this one is so amazing! It isn’t huge like some vest but isn’t extremely thin, wear it wouldn’t keep you wear but it is just perfect, ( I sound like Goldy Locks, haha!) So here is where this whole outfit turns into a Valentines Day outfit, the leggings! They look like they wear knitted together but they don’t feel like it what so ever! They are so comfy and have the warmest inside ever! My shoes, are actually my moms ( Thanks, Mom!) but I do own a pair of ADIDAS myself had love them. If you don’t have a pair you need to get a pair! I personally love them for how comfy they are and that they come in many colors, like GOLD!!! This whole outfit is amazing and I love it! Love y’all!

Final Winter Looks to transition into Spring!

IMG_1126 (1)IMG_1108IMG_1116IMG_1124//Click here for my jacket// Click here for my Uggs// Click here for my purse//

Y’all this week has been crazy! From test to practices everyday this week has been filled, hints why this blog is long over due! But anyway, In Florida winter is kinda coming to an end, well the 7 days of it we had, but I thought I’d show y’all one of my favorites looks from winter! So, I took these pictures in D.C, which I’m really missing right now and all the fun times, picture taking, cupcakes, Starbucks dates, and Georgetown walks all with the fam and Madi, from when I was in DC! But to get into the blog, if y’all have read any of my blogs you know my love for leggings! I got these leggings 1 or 2 years ago and have loved them, which they are from J.Crew! This shirt is also from J. Crew and has the fuzzy inside which feels amazing! Beside the inside it has the cutest little white flair at the bottom which makes it all the better! Sadly, they don’t sell the shirt or leggings anymore! Ok, so I love my Uggs! I got them 2 years ago one sale and have loved them! And then my jacket, so I don’t think they sale it anymore but I have linked a very similar one above! But it has been hands down my favorite jacket! If y’all need a good purse just go look on Kate Spade! I have a bad obsession with Kate Spade and love all there stuff! This purse is amazing and can hold so much stuff for being so little! This has by far been one of my favorite outfits! Love y’all!

Living in Workout Clothes!

IMG_1020IMG_1027IMG_1029IMG_1048//Click here to shop my leggings// Click here to shop my shirt// Click here to shop my jacket// Click here to shop my shoes// Click here to shop Ivivvia//

I know I’m not the only one who sits in my school clothes every day when I get home! One of the first things I do is change and it is most likely into workout clothes. So… if y’all have never shopped or own anything from Ivivvia you are absolutely missing out on the best workout clothes ever! Over summer Ivivva clothes are my go to outfits! The best part about their clothes is, most of their stuff is reversible! I have the best pair of legging from Ivivvia and they are blue on one side and black on the other side… AMAZING! I got this outfit for Christmas and love it! These leggings are so stretchy and soft, I would literally sleep in them. They are cropped which make them even better. I love this shirt, if you are a runner (not me, but I still love this shirt,) this is the shirt for you! It is tight, but not to tight that you can’t breath, you know what I mean! And this jacket, I love it! I own so many jackets, I don’t know why cause I live in Florida, but anyway. This is one of those jackets that you would grab when it is like 70 degrees out side. It’s light but keeps you warm and just does the job! Another reason it is so amazing is because it has secret pockets! On the top of the jacket you can unzip it and pull out a hoodie… C R A Z Y! Another thing I just found out is on the zipper of the jacket, there is a removable hair tie incase you are in an emergency for a hair tie, we all have those moments too! My shoes are just generic black Nikes and I got them from the Nike outlet. I would definitely recommend that y’all go check out Ivivvia! Love y’all!

Flannels and Black and White Shoes!

IMG_2170IMG_2161IMG_6416IMG_2183//Click here for the flannel// Click here for the white shirt// Click here for my Jeans// Click here for the Vans// Click here for Hope’s shirt// Click here for Hope’s jeans// Click here for Hope’s shoes//

Let me start by saying a big Happy Birthday to Hope… big 13! Now into the blog, if you guys know me I have recently started to like Vans! I know, not the typical shoe I would go pick out, but I really like them! Again with this crazy FL weather! It dropped to mid 40’s… again! Insane!!! I paired these Vans with a black and white flannel from Old Navy! Surprising the flannel kept me extremely warm in this insane temperature drop! I just got this white shirt from Gap. The jeans are from Abercrombie Kids and are so awesome! Hope’s shirt is the softest shirt ever! They don’t sell that shirt anymore, but I linked a similar shirt! Her shirt and jeans are from Abercrombie Kids. And her shoes are from Nordstrom! Enjoy the Cold! 🙂

All About This Blonde Hair!

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.03.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.07.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.10.30 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.11.53 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 7.58.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.14.54 PMIMG_0985Click here for the Wet Brush // Click here for the Dry Shampoo // Click here for the Hair Spray // Click here for the Shine Cream// Click here for the Heat Protectant // Click here for the Shampoo // Click here for the Conditioner// Click here for the Blow Dryer // Click here for the Flat Iron //

I get asked about my hair frequently, so I thought I’d show you guys how I curl my hair, and some of my favorite hair products! So, I have put the pictures in order by how I curl my hair! When my hair is damp I run a shine cream (by R and Co), through it to make it more hydrated, but it helps it still keep a curl. I also spray a heat protective in my hair, also by R and Co. First off, I brush through my hair and just get all the knots out. I use a Wet Brush which if you don’t have one go get one now, it will change your life! Secondly, I split my hair into two parts, depending on how thick your hair is depends on how many parts you will need, and how thick you want your curls. I curl the bottom half of my hair by just twisting my flat iron, by Chi, 180 degrees and stopping in the middle and releasing it from the flat iron. If you want you can straighten the bottom part of the curl, but my hair is already sooooo straight I don’t need to. I let down the top half and curl it! To finish it all off I spray my R and Co hairspray which holds for days and then I’m all done! It takes me about 15 minutes, but my hair is short and thin so that has an effect on the time! I’ve linked my favorite products up above, they work so amazing and I  use them almost everyday! Love y’all!